New For March!!!

short black pixie

Ok so this is Michigan…. Spring is not yet here and I’m pretty sure we are all over this weather, right? is here to brighten things up by bringing you the hottest trends for Spring in Detroit 2019. Detroit is on the rise. The city is looking right and so should you. We determine vibes of Detroit so lets do things right ladies. All eyes on us as these days get longer and this weather starts to HEAT UP!


blonde bob short straight

Yasssss bitch this look is in. Dark was killing almost completely there for a minute but blonde looks are back and better than ever! Platinum is hot!!! Get the looks with out the frying chemicals with one of these hot looks. Is there anything hotter than this blunt angled blonde bob? Celebrity looks and high quality fashions these looks are a must! I’m completely obsessed with the feed back I got while wearing this look for testing! I almost couldn’t handle it. My new personal favorite. I got so many DMs that this look was HOTTT I was shocked!


ombre long straight blue wig hair

Fun colored ombre looks are stunning, natural looking yet eye popping. Ombre wigs are perfect for getting the attention you are looking for. Easily pull off these big city fashions. Detroit it’s your time to shine the weather is warming up and everyone is going to be gathering downtown. Photograph perfectly in one of these Spring Fashion Trends.


burgundy wavy curly ombre bob short

Medium and short lenths are in. All the celebritys are lobbing off their long do’s orrrr are they wearing wigs too? The answer TBH is a lot of them are rocking wigs and hair extensions too! We all know this look is in. Not everyone has the right hair naturally to pull this off and many other women don’t want to actually cut all their hair off! What to do? Order your bob from now we have all the hottest fashions for Spring 2019.

Festival Accessories

hair accessories hairpin wedding prom glamour

It’s warming up! Order the cutest hair accessories for your events and festivals now. Our hair Accessories are exclusive and in high demand and sell out frequently. Order now to make sure that your products are shipped in enough time! Catch eyes and all the vibes with these hot styles.

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