Monthly Updates For April

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Hey divas! And now… welcome the manliest of the men. That’s right is now offering the best hair system for men! Have a full head of hair in the matter of hours! Semi-permanent and temporary options are now available. Are you or your husband bald? Sick of looking less attractive and older? We’re here to save the day. Consult now for special pricing and more information. The male page has not yet been added. These services are secret and confidential. Location options offered. Consult now. is looking to give back! Are you apart of a great charity or organization that would pair well with our online boutique? We are not currently set up for child sizes but we are looking to help in the community. Detroit, Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Dearborn or the Downriver area please contact. Other areas in Michigan are available for collaboration but we are not often in areas too far from the mentioned cities. If you are in Michigan, still hit us up we would love to get involved and be able to do some good in the community.

Spring & Summer Wedding Hair

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Do you and your wedding party need formal styling? offers event and formal styling on your natural hair, on hair with extensions, on wigs and we also have the ability to add hair pieces or partial wigs to perfectly accomplish the look you are going for. Our stylists will meet you there! Or do you need your party to be styled at a salon near your venue, no problem. Consult now for Summer and Spring Wedding season 2019. Time is running out. Wigs, extensions, hair pieces and accessories may all have order or shipping times. Please consult with our stylist in advance to see what you need. You should always order and schedule far in advance so your day runs smoothly.

Local Model Call

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Are you a model in the Detroit, Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Dearborn or Downriver Michigan area? We are always looking for fun and exciting models from the local area for cross promo photo shoots. If you are looking for free new content and want to get involved with the hottest stylists in Michigan contact us now! @detroitwigsinsta on Instagram or contact

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Follow us on YouTube for the hottest looks in Michigan fashion, for full product views and “How To” videos. Have a question about something to do with wigs, extensions, or a hair piece. We would love to show you how to accomplish the look you’re going for. Check out our YouTube now and drop a comment. Subscribe and follow. Remember the site is up and working so if you get a bad link…. Trust me I’m pissed too. Google Detroit Wigs… We pop up! J

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