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Hello diva’s!!! Thank you for tuning back into our blog here at I recently asked my grandmother to help me with my recent campaign for our Mature portion of the website and for our up coming campaign for Grandmother’s of the Bride. It goes with out saying our grandmother’s make up some of the most important history of who each of us have become! My grandma and I are so much alike. I absolutely love and adore the support she has always given me throughout my entire life. Her dynamic personality has shaped the way I conduct myself and has encouraged my eccentric style. She’s always enjoyed getting ready, being stylish, trying new things, worn wigs for fashion and at some points for necessity. Through it all she has been shining like a star. I am proud to call her my grandma!

What is our Mature section and why is it important to talk to your grandma’s about fashion!

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Our mature section is an online collection of styles, cuts and customized looks that are for women who enjoy looking great but don’t need or want to look through all the long and unnecessary styles that they don’t feel like they relate to. Our wig boutique is geared specifically in different sections to make all kinds of women happy and comfortable. Here these styles are great for older woman who like shorter and easier to manage styles that are trending currently for their age bracket. It’s important to talk to your grandmothers about fashion. As women we want to look good no matter what age. Grandma’s need reassurance and help with their styles just like you want your girlfriends opinions. is dedicated to helping women on and offline.

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Yes we are an Online boutique but we also have event and location based services. If you need help or your grandmother needs help choosing, ordering or having a wig customized please let us know. Our staff understands that not everyone is tech savvy. We like to think we have the best of both worlds by bringing access to everyone online but also being able to physically help women locally. A lot of older women rely on the style of a good wig for their everyday look, for a big event or family gathering. If you are getting married or know that you yourself or your grandmother is going to need assistance with their hair for an upcoming event or wedding, please contact us now to start the consultation process. Our stylists are able to style natural hair, pieces or full wigs.

View our mature selection now and place your order in enough time to receive your new wig. Schedule and plan for time to have your wig customized if needed and/ or arrange your appointment for the big day. specialized in bridal hair for attendees, the wedding party, flower girls, mothers of the brides, grandmothers or the brides and bridesmaids. We have event and on location appointments available. Bridal trials are encouraged and these appointments need to be consulted sooner than later to make sure everything can be ordered and arranged perfectly for your big day.

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