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Build A Babe Up

Right now is the perfect time to invest in yourself! With our buy one get one free Build A Babe Up Giveaway promotion you can know for sure that you’re going to be hitting the streets looking great and will be helping out another woman in need. It’s not mandatory that you donate your free ponytail but it is the reason behind this special promotion. Why donate? As we all know the way we look dramatically impacts the way we feel. Our mission is to help ladies that are a bit down on their luck get back into the workforce with a positive mental attitude. Sharing the feeling you love with someone who needs is is priceless. Imagine sharing the confidence you get to feel. You could be changing someone’s life as you read this. As females our image is important. We at want to share these good vibes with the women trying hard to get on the right path. Helping those in need around us has always been our passion. Click Now to view ponytails.

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How Does It Work?

This promotion is simple. The standard price for a premium ponytail is $40. After choosing your personal selection you will be contacted shortly after your purchase to select whether you’d like to donate your second ponytail or you can choose the color of the second ponytail you would like to recieve. Many woman are using this opportunity to share their free ponytail with one of their own friends or family members they’d like to bless. If you’re a frequent ponytail wearer and you choose not to donate that is OK as well, we will gladly send you both ponytails at the same time to your home. It’s a great offer and a great opportunity. Once this promotion is over you will still be able to purchase these high quality ponytails for the same retail cost of $40. Check Out This Deal!

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How to Get Involved!

Purchasing and donating is simple and can be done online. Purchase your ponytail and respond your donation choice via email but how do you take it a step further??? Want to have some fun, learn how to use the ponytails properly and make an impact? Book Your Ponytail party NOW! It’s easy. Pick a date, invite your girlfriends, then sit back and relax while our consultant teaches your group how to properly wear and maintain your ponytails. These parties are fun and informative. Many women often want the skills to look better and want to get ready faster but don’t know how. This party will give you the skills to do your own hair quickly and affordably. The purchases from these parties are eligible during the promotion for the buy one get one free special. Each purchase can go toward a free ponytail for you or a party member or you can donate the ponytail to a women’s help group. Your group of friends can make the differece. Call Now to book your party. 734-444-7369 View Ponytails

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