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Need Your Hair Styled? specializes in delivering the perfect hair you've always imagined. Natural hair with or with out extensions, hair pieces and wig styling is all accommodated to give you the perfect end result. Fill Form to Consult

About Booking with is now offering styling services on natural and enhanced hair. If you need hair extensions, a wig install or formal styling please contact our receptionist to book you appointment now

Your Vision Fullfilled

Natural Hair

Yes we do style natural hair. Some girls have got it and we say flaunt it. Let us style your hair for your next event or wedding!


We offer these extension methods: Itip, Sew Ins, Beaded Weft, Tape In, and The Beaded Braid technique, box braids and semi permanent ponytails.

Hair Pieces

There are many pieces available to enhance your formal style. Don't miss out on the style these creates! Book Now

Wig Install

Want your wig styled and placed for an event or fastened secure for weeks? We've got you covered for all wig installations

Other Services

Wigs 101

How to Wear and Maintain your Wig Properly. How to class. Teaching you everything you need to know to get started.

Customized Wig Styling

Wear your Wig customized properly to your features and needs.

Custom Color

Start with the “canvas” wig or extensions of your choice. Then let one of our professional stylists color customize you for your freshest look.

Natural Hair Color

Adding pieces in? Make sure your look is on point by color matching your style. Color your natural hair to match your wig or extensions.

Natural Hair Cut

Freshen your real hairs ends as needed. It’s important to maintain healthy real hair and a healthy scalp while adding hair pieces. Don’t forget your trims diva’s!!!!

Make Up

Make Up How To. This appointment is customized around your needs. Do you need new makeup or just instructions on how to use what you have. Schedule Now.

We've Impressed the Best!

Setting up my trail and bridal style was the easiest part of planning my wedding. I was styled on location. My stylist from was perfect in delivering the look I've wanted since I was a girl. Thank you again!
Cecile Emeke
I love extra and these tape in hair extensions are exactly it! Instantly my hair was longer and fuller giving me the dramatic look I was going for. I enjoyed the relaxed experience of getting my extensions done by
Channel Acosta