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An easy tip for reviving wigs that have gotten too ratty. Diva’s all know this day comes. You didn’t wrap your hair up after girls night or the zipper on your collar really did a number on your favorite girl… What do you do? Synthetic fibers are different than natural human hair. Synthetic wigs are pretty much set in their style. They have a long, resilient style but as we know, nothing lasts forever. So, what’s an easy, quick fix to prolonging the life of your favorite wig?

An Easy Fix With the Most Common Tool

Needed: Brush, Hair Oil, Flat Iron, Mannequin Stand and Mannequin Head. Painters tape.

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Set up your mannequin stand. Place the wig onto the head. Use Painters tape to fasten the wig to the mannequin stand. Put some oil throughout the wig. Start to brush out the knots. You can begin to flatiron the hair as you are trying to brush out the mess. Sometimes flat ironing over the mess can actually make it brush out quicker and get smoother faster. Continue brushing flat ironing and working in oil as needed. The fibers will smooth out. Test the heat as you’re straightening. Test the fibers near the nape first incase you burn or melt the hair. Test a small patch. They can take a good amount of heat. I have a Babyliss flat iron turned about ¾ of the way up on the dial.

Creative, Quick Fix

Needed: Brush, Hair Oil, Mannequin Stand, Mannequin Head and a Clothes Steamer

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This tip completely blew my mind on the set of Jackie Jae’s YouTube channel. Photographer and boyfriend of Jackie Jae, Neo offered to revamp my wig. I was in heaven, how sweet of him to ask. I look over and he’s got her strapped up with the painters tape and he’s steaming her with the clothes steamer. The wig just fell perfectly into place. I was amazed. The flat iron works great but the clothes steamer is crazy fast and easy. All you have to do is put the wig on the stand, start steaming the wig like you would clothing. The mess just straightens. Be careful with the steam. Brush through hair. Let the wig set while it dries and cools off.

Things to Expect After Straightening a Styled Wig

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Synthetic wigs come styled. The hair is cut for that look. Once a synthetic wig is straightened the fiber stretches out and is much longer. The fibers will go very straight. Styling and curling will have to be another blog and video set. The wig will be very sleek. Try the wig on and see if you want to make any changes. The wig may look like it needs a new style. Cut the wig to improve its look on you. Less is more. Take your time. Remember you were gonna throw it out anyway, it was a mess. Practice. Use the scissors to slide cut through the hair.

Remember wearing a hat or head band can mask any imperfections if the top is thin…. Great for a gym wig. Accessories, braids and styling can all be added to continue reviving your old messed up wig.

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When the Wig gets fluffy and tangled up again. Oil and repeat the steps up top. The wig can be straightened tons of times. If it looks like it needs another haircut then you should probably update the style. It’s fake so not growing back. I enjoy trying different looks and customizing my pieces.

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