About ME

Hey Divas!

It’s Jae, owner of DetroitWigs.com and your favorite online wig boutiques. I’m originally from Detroit. I love wigs, ponytails, diva things, attitude and changing my look. I’ve been a cosmetologist for over 10 years now. I’ve done my fair share of unfair treatment to my hair and

scalp. Finding wigs has in so many ways improved my life! I’ve always had these urges to change my look, shake it up, or create a new reality. As a young girl I would concoct terrible treatments to lighten my hair. I’m talking elementary. By high school I was in cosmetology class and trying new things with my refined set of skills. No matter how good my skills were getting my need for new was causing me to over process and damage my hair. Only about two wears ago did I start incooperating full and partail wigs to my daily beauty routine. I’m not low maintenance. I was commonly not just getting color but getting every kind of extension installed in my hair.¬†Once I started to wear the wigs my real hair was able to chill out and revive. My real hair is now longer than ever!!! This got me more excited than ever. I love wigs. Looking good and the feeling that gives me. I’m excited to share my passion with you. Check me out on Instagram @jae_for_mayor I constantly am wearing new wigs and having fun. Thank you for checking out my website. I’m sure you’re going to love the way you feel when you rock your new look out in your photos